My name is Stephen.
I’m a wedding photographer with an honest & unrelenting commitment to creating intentional, emotive imagery.

I grew up a quiet & curious child who was always fascinated by space. My father introduced me to the wonder of the Milky Way, astronauts, and telescopes. From an early age, I knew there was purpose in a world bigger than myself – and I wanted to discover it. I found that the way we often understand the cosmos is through technology: computers, cameras, light, and sound. That jump-started an interest in the gadgetry and instruments that people use to discover, explore, and understand the world.

I took an interest in old radios, our family telescope, and other contraptions of modern technology. I had a habit of taking speakers apart, messing with the wires, and seeing how they worked. I took up music and was captivated by the electric guitar. Never one for formal training, I preferred to experiment with sounds that felt right to me, finding comfort in the process of creating. The same followed with robotics, graphic design, and filmmaking.

When I went on to pick up the camera, I realized it was a powerful connecting point to our world and other people. I am constantly discovering how my life, the experiences of others, and nature’s artistry are all endlessly and infinitely connected. Photography has given purpose to my childhood fascination with space & time. In a way, every person who lets me photograph them is sharing a part of themselves and their own universe. I’d love to capture the moments that make up your life and legacy.